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Leadership Skills, Qualities and Attributes

Power Skills

Leadership Abilities are a contradiction.

Managers have skills, Control have Features.

Managers make use of skills to use individuals to adhere to their instruction. The expertise of management is using individuals successfully. The skill-sets of management allow individuals to be used successfully.

Managers do, Control just are.

People who adhere to the example of what I am doing are individuals. Those who adhere to the example of who I am Being are followers. A instructor brings by example, which makes them a instructor, not a innovator.

The qualities of leadership are 'modeled' and qualified. The skill-sets of management are qualified, directed and qualified.

The only skills that leaders appear to have are the skills to control and to claim their authority over others, which is how they handle and use their supporters successfully.

Leadership Qualities

Leadership Features entice supporters. The excellent of leadership chooses the scale of the fascination and the size of the following. Without supporters, there are no leaders.

Leadership Features are declares of Being not skills. The excellent of my psychological condition of Being chooses the excellent of my leadership prospective.

The excellent of my personal psychological condition of being chooses my Power capability.

Personal Features figure out my Attraction.

My Personal Attraction chooses my Great quality of Power.

Leadership Features entice supporters who are drawn to the person qualities of the innovator.

Personal qualities are the item of my personal features and attainments.

It is the excellent of my personal features that I have accomplished that describes my Personal Features and my Power Potential.

My excellent of Individual Beingness is identified by the excellent of the psychological condition that I am being and I feature to my Self.

Who I am being, as a person, is identified by my psychological features and attainments.

The excellent of my Beingness is personal to my Self.

It is a evaluate of the excellent of Lifestyle that I have accomplished and feature to myself.

My Great quality of Lifestyle is comparative to the Personal Features that I show.

My Personal Features figure out my Self-esteem, the real value of living and my capability to exist with assurance.

The Great quality of Leadership

The Great quality of Power is a evaluate of personal self-esteem.

The higher my respect, the greater is the excellent of my leadership.

My excellent of leadership is identified by my allowance of self-confidence along with my quanta of self-worth.

It is about how much I open up to my Self and how much I value my Self.

Followers adhere to leaders whom they hold in high respect.

People with top self-esteem do not need to adhere to other individuals.

People with low self-esteem need an example of high self-esteem to adhere to.

With high self-esteem, I adhere to my own route in lifestyle and I cause my own life.

I have no need of supporters to promote my excellent of leadership.

Leaders have a perspective to adhere to and a perspective that brings them.

High self-esteem is essential to the realisation of my perspective forever.

Realising my perspective and satisfying my objective creates self-esteem and draws the respect of others.

People adhere to individuals who have a perspective and adhere to individuals who have a objective.

Without a obvious perspective, a obvious route and a obvious objective, there are no supporters and the leadership has no excellent.

Esteem is the item of my assurance and value.

Disciples adhere to the example of leaders who are assured in their value to those who adhere to their cause.

The Primary Features of Leadership

The Primary Features of Power are the best declares of being that are because of all Leaders:

Transparency is a leading feature of Power.

Leaders who are being clear connect a obvious perspective and a obvious objective.

With visibility, supporters have the quality to see where everyone is going.

There is no invisible plan and no one gets puzzled.

Accountability is a leading feature of Power.

Leaders who are responsible explain their route and their objective.

With responsibility, supporters know where they are going and where the innovator is coming from.

There is no fraud and no one gets lost.

Wisdom is a leading feature of Power.

Leaders who are sensible make valuable choices.

With knowledge their existence is recognisable and supporters know why they are being led this way.

There is no disappointment, no rage and no intolerance, only oneness.

Eldership is True Power.

The True Control of a Community are its Seniors.

True Control have the knowledge to adhere to their own route and to allow all others to adhere to their own route.

It is not age that enables me to be a Leader but knowledge.

A innovator needs supporters, Seniors do not.

An Older has get over the duality of leaders and supporters.

Elders cause their own life and adhere to their own route.

Eldership is identified by my condition of Being, not by my activities.

A individuals choice to cause or to adhere to is identified by their personal psychological needs.

Elders are acknowledged by the impact of their Presence and their Beingness.

A innovator needs the authority of their supporters.

Elders have the authority of their own assured choice.

A innovator chooses what to do and how to do it.

Elders decide who to be in relationship to what is happening.

A Collecting of Seniors has no innovator and needs no supporters.

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